Michael Todd Smith is a furniture designer and custom fabricator who graduated from DePaul University in 2004 with a degree in sculpture. Michael’s interaction with clients goes from concept to drawing to finished product.   Each step requires continuous problem-solving, ingenuity and innovation. That challenge is what he loves best about what he does. Michael breathes new life into old and discarded materials, creating something new and surprising. He mixes his sense of the historical value of reclaimed wood with his knowledge and skill of working with metal. Craftsmanship and traditional techniques are important to Michael.  He chooses to work not only with sustainable materials, but also with products that have an everlasting and timeless image. He believes that quality equates strong materials, sensible design, & flawless craftsmanship. He makes a variety of domestic objects that incorporate a mixture of materials like indigenous reclaim wood, stone, glass and steel. In his own collection, Michael brings an asymmetrical perspective to traditional design, reinventing the rules of balance, form and function. In addition, Michael produces custom-designed furniture for designers, residential home-owners and commercial locations. Last year, he began making custom hand forged brackets, door pulls, handles and various accessories and hardware.